The production of rubber hoses usually goes through multiple processes, including raw material preparation, rubber mixing, extrusion molding, vulcanization and curing, and finished product testing. The following is a brief introduction to the production process flow of general rubber hoses:
1. Raw material preparation: including the preparation and weighing of rubber, fillers, reinforcing materials, vulcanizing agents, accelerators, and other raw materials. These raw materials are reasonably matched according to the formula requirements.
2. Mixing rubber materials: Put rubber and various raw materials into a mixer for mixing, grinding, and plasticizing, so that the various raw materials are evenly dispersed in the rubber, forming a uniform rubber material.
3. Extrusion molding: The mixed rubber material is extruded into a strip or circular rubber pipe preform through an extruder.
4. Vulcanization and Curing: Place the extruded rubber hose into a vulcanization box, and after a certain period of time and temperature, perform vulcanization and curing to make the rubber material elastic and durable.
5. Cooling and post-treatment: The cured rubber hose is cooled and then subjected to post-treatment, such as trimming, punching, shearing, etc., to meet the product requirements.
6. Quality inspection: Conduct a series of tests on the finished rubber hose, including appearance inspection, size inspection, strength testing, and wear resistance testing, to ensure that the product quality meets the standards.
7. Packaging and storage: Qualified rubber hoses are cleaned, packaged, and then stored in the warehouse, waiting for shipment or use.
Zaozhuang Jinfulex Rubber Technology Co., Ltd., a professional hose manufacturer, has summarized the production process flow of general hoses. The specific process may vary depending on different types of hoses and production processes. Strict control of the production process and quality monitoring are required at every stage of the process to ensure the production of high-quality rubber hose products that meet the requirements.

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