According to statistics, the market size of my country’s rubber hose industry increased from 35.93 billion yuan in 2015 to 39.02 billion yuan in 2017, with a growth rate of approximately 8.7%. Some experts predict that the hose market size will reach 72.29 billion yuan by 2025. So, how do hoses stand out in this highly competitive market?


First of all, with the steady growth of my country’s economy and the rapid development in the fields of industry, agricultural modernization, automobile industry, aerospace and other fields, the market size of the hose industry has continued to grow, and market demand has also shown a growing trend. At the same time, the continuous emergence of new technologies has injected new vitality into the hose industry. For example, the increasing maturity of 3D printing technology has provided a broader space for the application of hoses, and has also brought unprecedented development opportunities to the industry. This trend will not only help improve the overall technical level of the hose industry, but will also further promote the expansion of its market size, allowing hoses to play an important role in more fields.


Secondly, the excellent performance and wide range of application fields of the hose cannot be ignored. Whether in the fields of automobiles, construction, chemicals, petroleum, metallurgy, aerospace, etc., hoses are known for their excellent sealing, corrosion resistance, and wear resistance. and anti-aging properties, which have been widely praised.


However, the development of the hose industry has not been smooth sailing, and it still faces some challenges. For example, in terms of material formulas, manufacturing processes, etc., there is still a certain gap between domestic companies and industry-leading multinational companies. In addition, as environmental protection regulations become increasingly strict, they also pose huge challenges to the hose industry.


Despite this, the development prospects of the hose industry are still broad. As the country continues to increase its support for strategic emerging industries such as new energy and new materials, the hose industry will also usher in more development opportunities. We have reason to believe that the hose industry will continue to maintain a strong momentum of development in the future and contribute more to the development of the national economy.

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