High pressure rubber hoses used in coal mines are specifically designed for conveying high-pressure liquids in coal mining scenarios. This type of high-pressure hose is usually used to transport water, oil, gas, or other liquid media to meet the liquid transportation needs in coal mine production processes. The following are some characteristics and uses of high-pressure rubber hoses used in coal mines:
1. Pressure resistance and wear resistance: High pressure rubber hoses used in coal mines usually have high pressure resistance and wear resistance, and can withstand wear and tear in high-pressure liquid transportation and coal mining environments.
2. Corrosion resistance: For corrosive substances that may exist in the coal mine environment, high-pressure rubber hoses used in coal mines usually have corrosion resistance characteristics to ensure the purity of the conveying medium.
3. Temperature resistance: Considering the possibility of high temperature conditions in the working environment of coal mines, high-pressure rubber hoses used in coal mines usually have a certain degree of high-temperature resistance.
4. Anti static: Some high-pressure hoses used in coal mines have anti-static functions, which help reduce the harm of static electricity to equipment and workers.
Main use:
1. Water source transportation: used for the transportation of water sources for fire protection facilities, water supply equipment, etc. in coal mines, to ensure the safety and normal operation of coal mine production.
2. Oil transportation: In the lubrication system of coal mining equipment, machinery, etc., lubricating oil or grease is transported through high-pressure rubber hoses to ensure the normal operation of the equipment.
3. Gas transportation: used to transport gases generated in coal mines or gas media required in the production process, such as oxygen, nitrogen, etc.
4. Other liquid conveying: Suitable for conveying other liquid media, such as cleaning agents, chemical reagents, etc., to meet the production needs of coal mines.
High pressure rubber hoses used in coal mines play an important role in coal production, ensuring the safe and stable transportation of liquid media, and improving production efficiency and safety. The selection of suitable high-pressure hoses should be comprehensively considered based on actual conveying needs, working environment, and medium properties.

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