1. Product Overview
Steel braided sandblasting hose, it can not only meet the needs of sandblasting and rust removal on metal surfaces, but also clean metal castings in civil engineering projects, and even play an excellent role in conveying cement mortar.

2. Product Features
The inner rubber layer of the steel braided sandblasting hose uses cutting-edge technology materials, showing extraordinary wear resistance.
Its outer rubber layer is also impressive. It uses highly aging-resistant materials, so that the hose can be used safely for a long time whether it is in scorching high temperatures or biting low temperatures, whether it is wet or dry.

In terms of design and manufacturing, the steel braided sandblasting hose also shows excellent pressure bearing capacity. The pipe body is sturdy and durable, and it can still maintain a stable shape under high pressure. In addition, its bursting pressure is more than four times the working pressure, which can ensure the safety of users even in extreme cases.3. Application scenarios
Steel braided sandblasting hoses are widely used in metal processing, shipbuilding, bridge construction, machinery manufacturing and other fields.
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