The cord sand suction hose is a rubber hose designed for sucking solid or granular materials. It is widely used in shipbuilding, mining, agriculture, construction and other fields.

Structural features: This hose adopts a multi-layer design, the inner rubber layer has strong wear resistance, and the outer rubber layer has excellent aging resistance. The reinforcement layer uses synthetic fabric and spiral steel wire to ensure the strength and pressure resistance of the hose. Its excellent flexibility enables it to adapt to complex conveying environments.

Performance advantages: The cord sand suction hose not only has the dual performance of bearing positive and negative pressure, but can also be used normally under vacuum conditions of -80kpa, and its bursting pressure is as high as three to four times the working pressure, providing users with full safety protection.
Application field: The cord sand suction hose is specially designed for sucking various solid or granular materials, including but not limited to mineral sand, river sand, coal dust and cereals (rice, wheat, corn), etc. Its powerful sand suction ability makes it widely used in mining, construction, agriculture and other fields. In short, the cord sand suction hose has become an indispensable tool in these industries due to its excellent performance and wide range of applications.
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