1. Product Overview
Rubber hose cord sandblasting hose is a professional sandblasting tool that combines rubber hose and cord reinforcement technology. Its main purpose is to provide stable sandblasting medium delivery for air pressure sandblasting machine, so as to achieve efficient rust removal and grinding of metal surface. This hose not only has excellent wear resistance, but also has excellent aging resistance and pressure resistance, ensuring stable performance during long-term and high-intensity use.

2. Product Features
Strong wear resistance of inner rubber layer: The inner rubber layer of rubber hose cord sandblasting hose is made of special materials with extremely high wear resistance. This enables the hose to withstand greater friction when conveying media such as sand particles, effectively extending its service life.
Good aging resistance of outer rubber layer: The outer rubber layer is made of materials with excellent aging resistance, which can maintain stable performance for a long time in harsh working environments. Whether it is high temperature, low temperature or humid and dry environment, this hose can maintain excellent performance.


High hose bursting pressure: The rubber hose cord sandblasting hose is carefully designed and manufactured with extremely high bursting pressure. Its bursting pressure is not less than four times the working pressure, ensuring safety during use.
3. Application scenarios
Rubber hose cord sandblasting hose is widely used in metal processing, shipbuilding, bridge construction, machinery manufacturing and other fields. In these fields, rust removal and grinding of metal surfaces are essential process links. And rubber hose cord sandblasting hose has become an indispensable sandblasting tool in these fields with its high efficiency and stable performance.
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