Steel wire wound wear-resistant high-pressure hose is a type of conveying pipeline used to withstand high-pressure liquid transmission, which is widely used in engineering machinery, mining, construction, agriculture and other fields. This type of hose has good wear resistance and high strength, and is suitable for conveying liquids or solid particles with high pressure and wear resistance. The following are the precautions and main uses of steel wire wound wear-resistant high-pressure hose:
1. Correct installation: During installation, ensure that the connection is firm and avoid liquid or air leakage to avoid affecting the conveying effect.
2. Avoid excessive bending: Avoid excessive bending or stretching of the hose to reduce damage and extend its service life.
3. Regular inspection: Regularly inspect the surface of the rubber hose for damage, aging, or foreign object intrusion, and replace faulty components in a timely manner.
4. Pay attention to work pressure: Strictly control the range of work pressure to avoid overloading and ensure the normal operation of the rubber hose.
Main use:
1. High pressure liquid conveying: suitable for conveying high-pressure liquid media such as hydraulic oil, water, grease, etc., such as hydraulic systems, high-pressure cleaning equipment, etc.
2. Mining and construction industry: commonly used in coal mines, mining, construction sites and other occasions that require wear resistance and pressure resistance, used for transporting materials such as stones and soil.
3. Agriculture and agricultural machinery field: suitable for agricultural irrigation, agricultural machinery equipment transportation and other fields, with characteristics such as wear resistance and pressure resistance.
4. Mechanical manufacturing industry: used in the fields of mechanical equipment transmission systems, hydraulic machinery, lifting equipment, etc., to provide stable and reliable hydraulic transmission.
The professional manufacturer of rubber hoses around you – Zaozhuang Jinfulex Rubber Technology Co., Ltd. Warm reminder for appropriate use and regular maintenance. Steel wire wound wear-resistant high-pressure rubber hoses can ensure efficient and safe liquid transportation, meeting the needs of various industrial fields. When selecting and using, it should be based on the specific needs and requirements of the situation, and follow the correct installation and maintenance specifications.

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