The oil suction and discharge hose is a rubber hose specially used for suction and discharge of various oil substances. It is mainly composed of an inner rubber layer, a reinforcement layer and an outer rubber layer, and has good bending performance. The pipe body is strong and has the dual performance of withstanding positive and negative pressures. It will not be sucked flat or delaminated under the condition of a vacuum degree of -80KPa (600mm Hg column). It has strong adaptability to the use conditions, and the bursting pressure of the hose is not less than four times the working pressure. The ozone resistance of the outer rubber layer meets ISO7326:2006, IDT standards.

It is mainly used for suction or transportation of gasoline, kerosene, diesel, heavy oil, engine oil and other mineral oils at room temperature.
Our company’s oil suction and discharge hose uses high-quality materials and advanced technology. We provide customized services to meet different usage needs. Choose our company’s oil suction and discharge hose, you will enjoy high-quality products and services.

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