Silicone tube (also known as: silicone tube) is a pipe material made of a new type of polymer elastic silicone rubber raw material, with many excellent properties. Its main features include:

Hardness: 65+5, tensile strength: greater than or equal to 6.5
Temperature range: -60-240℃
Specifications: diameter 0.5-30MM
Surface performance: combing water, non-sticky to many materials, can play an isolating role
Electrical performance: when it is damp or the temperature rises, the change is small. Even if the short circuit is burned, the generated silicon dioxide is still an insulator. This ensures that the electrical equipment continues to work, so it is suitable for making wires, cables, and lead wires.
Performance characteristics:

①Continuous use temperature range: -60-240℃℃②Soft, arc resistant, corona resistant;
③Various specifications can be customized according to customer requirements;
④Harmless, non-toxic and tasteless, medical grade;
⑤High voltage resistant, environmentally friendly

Detection method:
It can be roasted with fire to produce white residues.
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