In hydraulic systems, hard pipes and hoses have their own characteristics. With its metal material and solid structure, the rigid tube exhibits excellent pressure resistance and drag reduction properties, ensuring stable fluid transmission. The hose, because of its softness and bendability, can easily adapt to complex environments and provide a stable connection for the system.
In terms of performance, hard pipes are suitable for high pressure, shock and vibration environments, providing long-lasting and stable hydraulic power to the system; hoses are good at protecting the system from damage in situations with frequent movement, bending or vibration.
During selection and installation, the material, specification and connection method of hard pipes need to be selected according to system requirements and environmental conditions; the bending radius and pressure resistance of hoses need to be considered. The installation process must follow professional specifications to ensure stable operation of the system.
In short, hydraulic hard pipes and hoses each have their own advantages and jointly support industrial development. When selecting, the system requirements and working environment must be comprehensively considered to ensure stable and efficient operation of the system. Rigid pipes are suitable for stable environments, while flexible pipes excel at complex challenges.

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