A steel wire braided hose with a rubber suit on the outside and steel wire armor on the inside. It not only has the flexibility and elasticity of rubber, but also becomes indestructible because of the support of steel wires. This wonderful combination allows it to survive in various harsh environments and provides a solid backing for the industry.

Let’s introduce to you the functions of steel wire braided hose
1. High pressure resistance: The braided structure of the steel wire allows the hose to maintain stable shape and performance when withstanding high pressure, ensuring the safe transportation of industrial fluids.
2. Wear resistance: Whether it is friction with mechanical equipment or direct contact with the ground, steel wire braided hose can show excellent wear resistance, greatly extending its service life.
3. Corrosion resistance: The rubber pipe body itself has good corrosion resistance, and the addition of steel wire adds double protection, allowing the steel wire braided hose to maintain stable performance in harsh working environments.
4. Good flexibility: Compared with metal pipes, steel wire braided hoses have better flexibility and can easily cope with various complex installation environments, reducing installation difficulty and cost.
Applicable locations for steel wire braided hoses
Steel wire braided hose is widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, shipbuilding, mining, metallurgy, construction and other fields. In the fields of petroleum and chemical industry, it bears the important task of transporting various corrosive liquids; in the field of ships and mines, it is an important channel for transporting oil, water, gas and other media; in the field of construction, it plays the role of transporting concrete. , mortar and other building materials play a key role.

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