In the textile industry, there is a seemingly ordinary but powerful material – textile braided PVC hose. With its unique properties, it plays an indispensable role in all aspects of textile equipment.

Textile braided PVC hose, as the name suggests, is woven from polyvinyl chloride (PVC) material. It not only inherits the excellent characteristics of PVC materials, such as high chemical stability, good electrical insulation and corrosion resistance, but also gives the hose higher strength and flexibility through the braiding process.
During the spinning process, textile braided PVC hoses are responsible for transporting cotton fiber, chemical fiber and other raw materials. Its high strength ensures the stability of raw materials during transportation, while its flexibility adapts to the high-speed operation of spinning equipment. This hose also plays a key role in weaving, printing and dyeing, and finishing. Whether it is transporting warp and weft yarns, dyes, and auxiliaries, it can easily handle it.
More importantly, textile braided PVC hose also has good acid and alkali resistance and anti-aging properties. This allows it to remain stable in the face of complex chemical environments and ensures the smooth progress of textile production.

In general, textile braided PVC hose, although inconspicuous, plays an important role in the textile industry. With its strength in softness, it provides a solid guarantee for textile production. In the future textile industry, we have reason to believe that this seemingly ordinary material will continue to play an irreplaceable role.

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