Hose installation seems simple, but the precautions cannot be ignored. Today, let’s talk about some key points that need to be paid attention to when installing hoses.
1. Material matching
First, make sure the material of the hose and joint matches. Different medium, temperature and pressure environments require hoses of different materials to cope with them. Wrong material selection will not only lead to performance degradation, but may also lead to safety hazards.

2. Cleanliness
Before installation, make sure the hoses and joints are clean. Any impurities or dirt may affect the quality of the connection or even cause leaks. Therefore, thorough cleaning is required before use.
3. Lubrication treatment
When connecting hoses and joints, proper lubrication can reduce friction and make installation smoother. However, please note that the lubricant selected must be compatible with the hose material to avoid chemical reactions.

4. Tightness
After installation is complete, check the tightness of the joints. Too loose will cause leakage, too tight may damage the hose. Therefore, the tightening strength should be appropriately adjusted according to the actual situation.
5. Protective measures
After installation, don’t forget to add protective measures to the hose. For example, it can be wrapped with protective materials to avoid being affected by external forces such as impact, wear, and ultraviolet rays, thereby extending its service life.
In short, the correct installation of hoses is not only related to the stable operation of the system, but also related to our safety. Therefore, during the installation process, you must be careful and conscientious, and follow the correct process route and precautions.

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