As an important part of the pipeline system, the stability and durability of rubber hoses are directly related to the smooth operation of the entire system. Therefore, it is crucial to master the correct hose maintenance methods.

1. Regular inspection
Regular inspection is the first step in hose maintenance. We need to conduct a visual inspection of the hose to see if it is damaged, aged, deformed, etc. At the same time, check whether the connections are tight and whether there are leaks.
2. Cleaning and maintenance
Cleaning and maintenance of hoses is equally important. During use, impurities such as dust and oil may accumulate on the surface of the hose. These impurities will not only affect the appearance of the hose, but may also affect its performance. Therefore, regular cleaning of the hose surface and keeping it clean and dry are important measures to maintain the hose.

3. Avoid overuse
Overuse is a common cause of hose damage. During use, avoid exceeding the endurance range of the hose, such as excessive pressure, excessive temperature, etc. At the same time, be careful not to bend or twist the hose frequently to avoid fatigue cracks in the hose.
4. Timely replacement
When the hose is found to be damaged, aged, deformed, etc., it must be replaced in time. Don’t take chances and continue to use damaged hoses to avoid safety accidents.
In short, correct hose maintenance methods can extend the service life of the hose and ensure the smooth operation of the pipeline system. Hope the above suggestions are helpful to you.

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