1. Protective effect
Prevent damage: The rubber tube needs to experience a high temperature and high pressure environment during the molding process, which may cause damage or deformation to its surface. As a protective layer, the wrapping cloth can effectively prevent the rubber tube from mechanical damage or thermal damage during the molding process.

Enhance pressure resistance: The wrapping cloth can provide additional support and protection, making the rubber tube more stable when subjected to high pressure and not prone to cracking or leaking.
2. Shape retention
Uniform force: The wrapping cloth can evenly apply the high pressure during the molding process to the surface of the rubber tube to prevent it from deforming or twisting due to uneven force.
Forming effect: During the vulcanization process of the rubber tube, the wrapping cloth can help maintain its shape and prevent shape changes due to shrinkage or expansion during the vulcanization process.
3. Improve product quality
Increase bonding strength: The wrapping cloth can form an additional bonding layer between the rubber tube and the reinforcement layer, improve the bonding strength between them, and make the rubber tube a more integrated and solid structure.
Improve appearance: The wrapping cloth can also improve the appearance quality of the rubber tube, making its surface smoother and flatter, and improving the product’s aesthetics and market competitiveness.

4. Specific applications
Application during vulcanization: Before vulcanization, the rubber hose semi-finished product is usually wrapped with water-wrapped cloth or lead to tighten it, and then vulcanized. This ensures that the rubber hose remains under pressure during the vulcanization process and improves the density and strength of the product.
Other molding methods: For different types of hoses, such as braided hoses, spiral hoses, etc., the wrapping process is also essential. These hoses require specific braiding machines or winding machines to tightly combine materials such as wrapping cloth with the rubber layer during the molding process to form the required shape and structure.
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