Structure and composition: The wire-wound hose consists of three parts: the inner tube, the wire-wound layer and the outer rubber layer. The inner tube is in direct contact with the medium, the outer rubber layer provides protection, and the wire-wound layer in the middle gives the hose excellent pressure resistance and stability.

Performance characteristics: This hose is known for its high pressure resistance, wear resistance, corrosion resistance and excellent flexibility. Even under high pressure and harsh environments, it can maintain stable performance and ensure the safe transportation of fluids. In addition, its flexibility enables it to adapt to various complex installation environments, reducing installation difficulty and cost.
Application areas: Wire-wound hoses are widely used in hydraulic systems, petrochemicals, mines and construction sites, food and pharmaceutical industries, and agriculture. In hydraulic systems, it is responsible for transmitting pressure and power; in the petrochemical field, it bears the heavy responsibility of conveying various media; in mines and construction sites, it is the key equipment for spraying, dust removal and other operations; in the food and pharmaceutical industries, it ensures the sanitary quality of the product; in the agricultural field, it helps farmland irrigation and fertilizer spraying.

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