If the hose has a pungent or unpleasant odor, it may be caused by residual volatile organic compounds in the hose material. Here are some suggestions to help alleviate or eliminate the odor of the hose:
1. Ventilation: Place the rubber hose in a well ventilated area, and open windows for ventilation to help release organic volatiles and reduce odor.
2. Exposure to sunlight: Place the rubber hose in direct sunlight for a period of time. Ultraviolet rays can help degrade organic matter and reduce taste.
3. Cleaning: Use mild soapy water or diluted salt water to clean the surface of the hose. This helps to remove residual substances and odors from the surface.
4. Activated carbon adsorption: Place activated carbon bags or particles near the rubber hose to adsorb odorous substances in the air.
5. Edible Soda Powder: Sprinkle baking soda powder near the rubber hose to absorb odors and reduce the odor.
6. Chen Hua: Place the rubber hose in a well ventilated area and let it stand for a period of time to allow organic volatiles to naturally dissipate.
If there is still a strong odor after a long period of time, it is recommended to contact the professional manufacturer of rubber hoses, Zaozhuang Jinfulex Rubber Technology Co., Ltd., for further processing methods or consider replacing the rubber hoses. When dealing with odor issues, it is important to avoid using toxic chemicals or overly aggressive cleaning methods. Ensure safety and environmental protection.

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