I believe that everyone who has studied hoses knows that hose weaving is very important in the entire production process of hoses. However, in the hose wire weaving process, due to factors such as technology, equipment, and materials, a series of problems may be encountered. We have sorted out 5 common problems and solutions for you.
Problem 1: Uneven wire weaving tension
During the weaving process, the tension distribution of the wire is uneven, resulting in uneven tightness of the braided layer, affecting the overall quality and appearance of the hose.
Treatment method:1. Check and adjust the tension control system to ensure that the tension of each weaving unit is consistent.
2. Regularly maintain and maintain the equipment to ensure that the equipment operates normally and avoid failure of the tension system.
3. During the weaving process, closely monitor the wire tension and adjust it in time if abnormalities are found.

Problem 2: Wire breakage or wire jumping
During the weaving process, the wire suddenly breaks or jumps out of the normal weaving trajectory, affecting the weaving progress and product quality.
Treatment method:
1. Check the quality of the wire to ensure that the strength and toughness of the wire meet the requirements.
2. Check and adjust the wire feeding mechanism of the braiding machine to ensure smooth wire feeding and avoid wire jamming or wire breakage.
3. Regularly check and replace the guide wheel, wire pressing wheel and other parts of the braiding machine to ensure the normal operation of these parts.
The above are two common problems encountered by wire braided hoses and our company’s solutions. There are three more points left. Welcome to continue to click on the next article on what problems will be encountered in the hose wire braiding process

Uneven tension and wire breakage or wire skipping are two common challenges in the key process of hose production. https://www.jinflexhome.comWe provide you with professional solutions to help you overcome these problems and ensure the quality and appearance of the hose braid. Stay tuned to learn more about the challenges and solutions in the hose wire braiding process.

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