1. Use a mixer to mix the inner layer rubber, middle layer rubber and outer layer rubber according to the formula.
2. Use an extruder to extrude the inner layer rubber hose and wrap it on the soft core or hard core coated with a release agent.

3. The calender presses the middle layer rubber sheet, adds an isolation agent to roll it up and cuts it into the specified width according to the process requirements.
4. Wrap the inner layer rubber hose with the tube core on a winding machine or a braiding machine, and wrap the copper-plated steel wire or copper-plated steel wire rope on the winding machine or the braiding machine at the same time. Tie the beginning and end of the winding steel wire between every two layers of copper-plated steel wire or copper-plated steel wire rope.
5. Coat the outer layer rubber on the extruder again, and then wrap it with a lead or non-sulfurized protective layer.

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