Nitrile rubber oil pipe is a kind of oil pipe made of nitrile rubber, which has excellent oil resistance, heat resistance and wear resistance. It consists of a multi-layer structure, including an inner rubber layer, a reinforcement layer and an outer rubber layer, and can withstand high pressure and high temperature environments. Nitrile rubber oil pipe is widely used in the automotive, aviation, petroleum and other industries, especially in occasions where various types of oil (such as hydraulic oil, fuel, etc.) need to be transported. Its excellent performance ensures the stability and safety of the system.

Product material: nitrile rubber + nylon wire/aramid or polyester fiber
High and low temperature resistance: -40’C-120°C
Working pressure: 0.6Mpa
Burst pressure: 1.8Mpa
Specifications: 3-32mm
Wall thickness: 3-5mm

Application: transporting diesel, gasoline, engine oil, hydraulic oil, lubricating oil, etc., oil inlet hose, oil return hose.
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