The standard specifications and models of rubber hoses are not fixed and may vary depending on different uses, materials, and manufacturing standards. Here are some common examples of hose specifications and models:

1. Inner and outer diameters: The inner and outer diameters of rubber hoses are usually expressed in millimeters or inches, such as 6mm ID x 12mm OD, 1/4 inch ID x 1/2 inch OD, etc.

2. Pressure rating: Rubber hoses usually have a specified working pressure rating, such as 10 bar, 150 psi, etc. The pressure rating is usually a part of the hose model.

3. Standard length: The length of the hose can be customized according to needs, and common standard lengths include 100 meters, 50 meters, 25 meters, etc.

4. Wear resistance: The wear resistance of the rubber hose is also an important specification consideration factor. Different rubber hose materials and manufacturing processes can provide different wear resistance.

5. Temperature range: Rubber hoses usually have specified maximum and minimum temperature ranges to ensure use under appropriate temperature conditions. The common temperature range includes -40 ° C to+120 ° C.

These are just some common examples of hose specifications and models, which may vary depending on different industries and needs in practical applications. More details can be found in the video, go and take a look!

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