High-pressure oil pipes are composed of multiple layers: the inner layer is oil-resistant and heat-resistant synthetic rubber, the middle layer enhances strength, the outer layer is steel wire braiding or winding layer to provide pressure resistance, and the outermost layer is a wear-resistant protective rubber layer.
Its characteristics are remarkable: it can withstand extremely high fuel pressure and has good pressure resistance; it is oil-resistant, heat-resistant, and aging-resistant; it has high pulse adaptability and can well cope with engine pressure fluctuations; its tight integration and soft design ensure fuel Accurate and smooth transmission.

High-pressure oil pipes are mainly used in the automotive field to transport high-pressure fuel from the fuel pump or high-pressure oil pump to the injector of the engine to ensure that the fuel can be injected into the cylinder accurately and efficiently, thereby improving the combustion efficiency and power performance of the engine. In the fuel supply system, it is the key to gasoline direct injection and diesel engines, ensuring that high-pressure fuel is accurately injected to the injector. In hybrid vehicles, it connects the hydraulic system, controls mechanical movement, and achieves energy conversion. Although not the main application of traditional energy storage, in new energy sources such as high-pressure hydrogen storage, high-pressure oil pipes may be used to store hydrogen for fuel cells.

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