If the high-pressure steel wire hose breaks, it is usually recommended that you take the following steps for repair: 1. Stop using: immediately stop using the hose after discovering the crack, and turn off the relevant supply source to prevent further leakage and damage. 2. Positioning the rupture point: Check the rubber hose to confirm the specific location and degree of the rupture point. If the rupture is small, you can try repairing it. But if the rupture is significant or severe, it is recommended to replace the rubber hose with a new one. 3. Clean repair area: Use a cleaning cloth to wipe the surface around the cracked area, ensuring that there is no dust, grease, or other dirt. This will help improve the adhesion of the repair material. 4. Use repair materials: Select specialized repair materials suitable for high-pressure hose repair, such as strong glue, sealant, tape, etc. According to the instructions of the repair material, apply it evenly to the fractured area. 5. Wait for curing: According to the instructions of the repair material, wait enough time for the repair material to cure. This can ensure that the repaired part is firm and reliable, and can withstand high pressure. 6. Conduct a pressure test: After the repair is completed, conduct a pressure test to ensure that there are no leaks in the repaired area. Gradually increase the pressure and observe for any gas or liquid leaks to ensure successful repair.

The above are the steps for repairing high-pressure steel wire hoses when they break. If you have more questions or need further assistance, please feel free to let me know at any time!

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