1.PVC fiber braided transparent hose, referred to as PVC transparent hose, is a high-performance, aging-resistant hose product. It uses high-quality PVC as the base material and is strengthened by fiber braiding technology. It has excellent aging resistance, high transparency, good softness and other characteristics.

2. Features
Aging resistance: It is not easy to age after long-term use, ensuring that the hose maintains its performance for a long time.
High transparency: It is convenient to observe the flow of internal fluids and meet real-time monitoring needs.
Good softness: It can be easily bent and installed to adapt to various pipeline layouts.
Wear resistance: Fiber braiding enhances wear resistance and extends service life.
Strong weather resistance: It is stable and reliable to adapt to various climatic conditions.
3. Specifications
PVC transparent hose provides a variety of diameter options from Φ10mm to Φ200mm, with a standard wall thickness range of 1mm to 5mm, customizable length, and various connection methods to meet various application needs.

4. Application
It is widely used in industrial production, agricultural irrigation, civil fields, food processing and other industries for conveying various liquid and gas media.
5. Packaging and transportation
Packaged in cartons or woven bags, with internal shock protection, supporting multiple modes of transportation such as land, sea, and air to ensure safe delivery of the product.
6. Service
We provide comprehensive technical support and a complete after-sales service system to ensure that customers receive timely and professional help during use.
PVC fiber braided transparent hose has become a preferred product in many industries due to its excellent performance and wide range of applications. For more information or ordering, please feel free to contact us.https://www.jinflexhome.com

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