PTFE Teflon heat shrink tubing, referred to as Teflon tube, is made of polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) material and has excellent insulation, high temperature resistance and transparency. The tube is widely used in the medical, electronic, chemical and other industries, especially in occasions that require high insulation and protection.

Product features are outstanding: high insulation performance ensures the stable operation of electronic equipment; high temperature resistance enables it to maintain stable performance at extreme temperatures; transparency facilitates observation of internal conditions. In addition, its unique heat shrink performance enables the tube to fit tightly to the wrapped object, providing excellent protection.

In the medical field, PTFE Teflon heat shrink tubing is often used for insulation protection and catheter production of medical equipment to ensure the safety and stability of medical equipment. In the electronics field, it is used for insulation protection of wires and cables, as well as packaging of electronic components. In the chemical field, its excellent chemical stability and high temperature resistance make it an ideal choice for conveying corrosive and high temperature media.
Before use, please make sure the wrapped object is clean and dry, and use appropriate heating equipment and temperature for heating. Please note that overheating or exceeding the high temperature resistance range should be avoided. If any abnormality is found, please replace the tube in time.
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