Hose, as an indispensable part of our daily life and industrial production, its storage method is often ignored by us. However, the correct storage method can not only extend the service life of the hose, but also ensure its stable performance and optimal effect during use.

First, temperature control is key. Hose is generally not suitable to be stored at too high or too low temperatures. Too high a temperature will accelerate the aging of the hose material and reduce its elasticity and durability; while too low a temperature may harden the hose, affecting its flexibility and effectiveness. Therefore, it is important to choose a storage environment with suitable temperature and good ventilation.
Secondly, avoid direct sunlight and humid environment. Ultraviolet rays in sunlight will accelerate the aging of hose materials, and humid environments may cause hoses to become moldy and deteriorate. Therefore, when storing hoses, you should choose a dark, dry place to avoid direct sunlight and moisture.
In addition, reasonable stacking methods are also important. When stacking hoses, avoid squeezing and twisting each other to avoid damaging their internal structures. At the same time, the stacking height should not be too high to avoid excessive pressure on the bottom hose.

Finally, regular inspection of the hose condition is also essential. During the storage process, the appearance and performance of the hose should be checked regularly. If aging, cracking, deformation, etc. are found, they should be replaced or processed in time.
In short, the correct storage method has a vital impact on the performance and life of the hose. Only by mastering the correct storage method can we ensure that the hose can perform optimally when used and bring more convenience to our life and work.

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