When we talk about pressure washers, we often overlook the silently dedicated hose behind them. However, it is this hose that plays a huge role in industry
Its inner rubber layer is made of selected high-quality synthetic rubber to ensure unobstructed water flow. It also has excellent corrosion resistance and can withstand the test of time and is durable. The reinforcement layer is cleverly integrated into one or two layers of high-strength steel wire braiding, which not only greatly improves the pressure and wear resistance of the hose, but also gives it a solid shell, allowing it to run smoothly under high-pressure water flow.

The outer rubber layer is made of weather-resistant and wear-resistant synthetic rubber material, which can resist the erosion of the external environment and ensure that the hose can maintain stable performance under various harsh conditions. What’s even more surprising is that this hose has an extremely wide working temperature range, from the freezing -40°C to the hot +100°C. It can handle it with ease and meet the needs of various complex environments.

High-pressure cleaning machine hose, which is widely used in high-pressure cleaning machines, industrial cleaning systems and other fields, provides strong support for our cleaning work. If you want to know more about pipes, come to Zaozhuang Jinfulai Rubber and Plastic Technology Co., Ltd.

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