In industrial production and daily life, rubber hoses, as an important transportation medium, play an indispensable role. Among the many types of hoses, smooth hoses and braided hoses have attracted much attention due to their unique properties.

Smooth rubber hose has a smooth surface and flat inner wall. It is mainly suitable for low-pressure and low-flow conveying environments. Its structure is simple and the cost is low, so it is widely used in some occasions that do not have high transportation requirements.
Braided hose is different. Its outer layer is woven with high-strength fibers, which not only enhances the pressure resistance of the hose, but also improves its tensile and impact resistance. Braided hose is suitable for high-pressure, high-flow transportation needs, especially in petrochemical, aerospace and other fields, and its importance is self-evident.

Simply put, the main difference between smooth hose and braided hose is its structure and performance. The former is suitable for low-pressure environments, while the latter is more suitable for complex environments with high pressure and high flow rates. The choice of hose needs to be determined based on actual needs and working environment.

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