Fiber braided oil pipe, with its high-strength fiber braided outer layer combined with high-quality rubber inner layer, has the properties of pressure resistance, corrosion resistance, anti-static, insulation and flexibility. Fiber braided oil pipe has been widely used in many industries due to its excellent performance. In the petroleum, chemical and other industries, it is used to transport various corrosive, flammable and explosive fluid media; in agricultural irrigation, water treatment and other fields, it is used to transport liquids such as clean water and fertilizer; in addition, in the machinery, automobile and other industries, fiber braided oil pipe also plays an important role.

Our fiber braided oil pipe has excellent pressure resistance and can withstand high working pressure to ensure stable fluid transmission. Its unique flexibility enables the oil pipe to maintain stable performance in complex environments and is easy to install and maintain. In addition, we also have a professional pre-sales consulting and after-sales service team to provide you with full-range technical support.
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