In industrial production and daily life, hoses play an irreplaceable role as a key component in fluid transmission. Among them, cotton braided hose and steel wire braided hose are popular due to their unique properties.

Cotton braided hose is made of cotton braided main body and covered with plastic or rubber outer layer, showing soft and tough characteristics. Its excellent corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance make it an ideal choice in chemical, pharmaceutical and other fields. At the same time, its foldability and ease of transport also make it easy to store and move, meeting the need for frequent replacement or moving of hoses.
The steel wire braided hose uses steel wire as the skeleton and is wrapped in rubber or plastic to give it a stable and reliable appearance. Its superior pressure resistance and tensile strength ensure stable transmission under high pressure or tension environments. In addition, steel wire braided hose also has good wear resistance and aging resistance, and can adapt to harsh environments. Therefore, it is widely used in oil, natural gas, machinery and other fields.
Both have their own advantages. Cotton braided hose has outstanding performance in corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance, and is suitable for chemical industry, pharmaceutical and other scenarios; while steel wire braided hose has become a popular choice for petroleum, petroleum and other industries due to its super pressure resistance and tensile strength. The first choice in natural gas and other fields. When selecting hoses, we should choose the appropriate type based on specific application scenarios and needs.
In short, both cotton braided hose and steel wire braided hose play an important role in the field of fluid transmission. Their respective characteristics make them play an irreplaceable role in different scenarios, providing great convenience and security for industrial production and daily life.

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