What is the purpose of steel wire wrapped hose? Do you know? Asking such a question proves that everyone also has a certain understanding of rubber hoses. In fact, steel wire wound rubber hoses are usually used to transport high-pressure liquids, gases, or media, and are widely used in industries, agriculture, construction, petrochemical and other fields. Its main uses include but are not limited to the following aspects:

1. Hydraulic system: Steel wire wound hose is commonly used in hydraulic systems to transport liquid media, such as hydraulic oil, and transmit pressure and power in hydraulic equipment.

2. Petrochemical industry: In the field of petrochemical industry, steel wire wound rubber hoses can be used to transport media such as oil, natural gas, chemicals, etc., to undertake transportation work.

3. Mines and construction sites: In the fields of mines and construction sites, steel wire wound rubber hoses are commonly used for coal mine gas drainage, water pump spraying, dust treatment, and other work.

4. Food and pharmaceutical industry: used for conveying food grade media or pharmaceutical raw materials to ensure product quality and hygiene.

5. Agricultural field: used for irrigation equipment, agricultural fertilizer spraying and other agricultural operations.

The above is a summary of the classification of the uses of rubber hoses by Zaozhuang Jinfulex Rubber and Plastic Technology Co., Ltd. In general, steel wire wound rubber hoses are suitable for the transportation and transmission of high-pressure liquids and gas media in various occasions due to their characteristics of high pressure resistance, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, etc., and are an important pipeline product. Plays an important role in different industries, ensuring secure and efficient transmission of various media. I hope our statement is helpful to you!

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